Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Drama review

As if~!! Dob't expect me to say anything that really INTEREST me. Coz there's NONE of it AT ALL.

Haihhh~ (Long sigh)
Dramas now a days (especially Malay Drama) juz keep making me asking myself like "what exactly the writers trying to say?!! Did s/he actually want people out there to do what the protagonist done in that drama?!! Or what?!!"

Why I'm saying so?
Almost all of them talking about adultery cases, incest problems among teenagers and so on..
Well of course in the end of the story, there's moral values that they try to exposed to the viewer, but then I don't think it's really hit the main point in there.

People tend to say to me, "Stop it Rei. If you got problems with the story, then just stop watching already!! It'll settle your annoyance (at least)''
Yeah!! Right!! Of course I got problems with it!! Definitely a large issue!! A big one there!!

How can I keep myself calm when everyone around me keep talking 'bout those kind of drama??!!

My point here is just that, people usually teenagers is a fast learner. They always learn and try to do something that catch their attention. (Sound like an old nanny already) That is why there shouldn't be any reason to keep showing those kind of dramas.

Ok then, I'm done. Oyasuminasai nee (Y)

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